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No. 1 exporter of high-quality, true Ceylon spices, dried fruits, and coconut products from Sri Lanka. Trustworthy and organic.

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Offers a wide variety of spices (cinnamon, cardamom, black pepper, nutmeg, vanilla) and dried fruits (banana, jackfruit, pineapples, mangoes) for rich flavors and aromas.

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We take pride in being the foremost exporter of premium, authentic Ceylon spices, dried fruits, and coconut products from Sri Lanka.

Situated in the tropical paradise of Sri Lanka, formerly known as Ceylon, our company Ceylon Lovers draws inspiration from the rich history and heritage of this beautiful island. Sri Lanka has long been renowned for its exceptional spices, which have captivated the palates of people around the world for centuries.

The history of Ceylon spices is deeply intertwined with the island’s culture and economy. Sri Lanka has been a prominent hub for the spice trade since ancient times, attracting traders from various parts of the globe who sought the exotic flavors and aromatic treasures found here. The island’s strategic location along ancient trade routes made it a sought-after destination for spice enthusiasts and traders alike.

Among the famous spices that have originated from Sri Lanka, Ceylon cinnamon holds a special place. Known for its delicate aroma and distinct flavor, Ceylon cinnamon is considered to be the true cinnamon. It has been treasured for centuries and was highly prized by ancient civilizations. Even today, Ceylon cinnamon continues to be revered for its superior quality and exquisite taste.

Cardamom, another spice native to Sri Lanka, is celebrated for its unique flavor and versatility in both sweet and savory dishes. Sri Lankan black pepper is renowned for its robustness and is widely regarded as one of the finest varieties of pepper in the world. These spices, along with nutmeg and vanilla, have been an integral part of Sri Lanka’s cultural and culinary traditions.

At Ceylon Lovers, we take great pride in our role as custodians of this remarkable legacy. By staying true to the ancient history of Ceylon spices, we ensure that our products reflect the authenticity and excellence that has been associated with Sri Lankan spices for centuries. Our commitment to preserving the heritage of Ceylon spices is ingrained in every aspect of our business, from sourcing the finest raw materials to employing traditional production methods.

When you choose our products, you not only experience the rich flavors and aromas of Ceylon spices but also become a part of a storied tradition that spans generations. We strive to share the essence of Sri Lanka’s spice heritage with the world, allowing everyone to savor the magic and allure of these exquisite flavors.

With Ceylon Lovers, you can embark on a sensory journey that connects you to the vibrant history and culture of Ceylon, all while indulging in the finest spices, dried fruits, and coconut products that this enchanting island has to offer.

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Discover the Richness of Sri Lanka with our Premium Black Pepper and Ceylon Cinnamon

Savor the authentic flavors of Sri Lanka with Ceylonlovers’ premium Black Pepper and Ceylon Cinnamon. Our hand-picked Black Pepper adds a robust kick to any dish, while our Ceylon Cinnamon brings a delicate sweetness to both sweet and savory recipes. Carefully processed to preserve their essence and health benefits, our spices guarantee an exceptional culinary experience. Elevate your meals with the finest spices from the enchanting island of Sri Lanka through Ceylonlovers.

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Ceylonlovers' Coconut Creations, Straight from Paradise

Indulge in the pure essence of the tropics with Ceylonlovers’ exquisite range of coconut products. Grown sustainably and harvested at the peak of freshness in the sun-soaked plantations of Sri Lanka, our coconut offerings embody the authentic flavors of paradise. From the rich creaminess of our coconut milk to the versatile goodness of coconut oil and the wholesome depth of coconut flour, each product is meticulously crafted using traditional methods and the finest coconuts. Elevate your culinary creations and wellness routine with our premium coconut line, where quality, taste, and nourishment converge in every delightful bite. Welcome to a world of tropical delight with Ceylonlovers’ coconut treasures.


Our Certifications

Guaranteeing that you get the finest Ceylon spices, herbs, organic coconut products and dehydrated fruits processed under the highest hygienic environment, Ceylon Lovers is certified with a number of quality assurances and certifications that proves our standards from sourcing to distribution and exportation.

Ceylon Lovers Organic
& Natural Products

Experience the Flavors of Ceylon, Naturally Grown and Delicately Crafted.

Ceylon Lovers offers a range of organic products that capture the essence of traditional Ceylon cultivation and production. Their premium selection includes organic spices, dried fruits, and coconut products, all carefully crafted to promote well-being.

The brand values Ceylon’s rich heritage and employs traditional farming methods passed down through generations. Sustainability and environmental stewardship are prioritized, ensuring that their products are free from harmful chemicals and pesticides.

The organic spices, such as cinnamon, cardamom, black pepper, nutmeg, and vanilla, are sourced directly from lush spice gardens in Ceylon. These spices add vibrant flavors and aromatic notes to culinary creations.

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What the client say about us

Maria Rodriguez
    Maria Rodriguez

    Miami, USA

    As the owner of a health food store, sourcing high-quality organic products is paramount. Ceylonlovers has been an absolute game-changer for us. The organic coconut milk and cream are rich and velvety, imparting a distinct flavor to our dishes. The Ceylon spices add an authentic touch, elevating our recipes to new heights. The attention to quality is evident, and our customers appreciate the difference. The fact that Ceylonlovers also supplies directly from the source in Sri Lanka ensures that we are providing our customers with the best possible products. Highly recommended for businesses committed to quality and authenticity.

    Hiroshi Tanaka
      Hiroshi Tanaka

      Tokyo, Japan

      I run a small family-owned restaurant specializing in Asian cuisine, and Ceylonlovers has become our go-to supplier for coconut-based products and spices. The organic coconut oil is a staple in our kitchen, providing a clean and natural cooking medium. The coconut milk and cream lend a delightful creaminess to our curries and desserts. What sets Ceylonlovers apart is the commitment to authenticity. The Ceylon spices, in particular, add a depth of flavor that is unparalleled. Our customers have noticed the difference, and many have complimented the unique and rich taste of our dishes. Thank you, Ceylonlovers, for bringing the taste of Sri Lanka to our plates.

      Isabella Rossi
        Isabella Rossi

        Rome, Italy

        As an owner of an Italian gourmet shop, I am always on the lookout for premium ingredients to enhance our product offerings. Ceylonlovers has exceeded my expectations in every aspect. The organic coconut milk and cream have a pure, authentic taste that perfectly complements our selection of cheeses and pastas. The coconut oil, with its subtle fragrance, has become a staple in many of our recipes. The inclusion of Ceylon spices has brought a new dimension to our spice collection. The careful sourcing and commitment to organic and sustainable practices make Ceylonlovers a brand we are proud to showcase. Our customers appreciate the dedication to quality, and the positive feedback has been overwhelming. Grazie, Ceylonlovers, for bringing the best of Ceylon to our discerning customers in Italy.

        Ahmed Al-Farsi
          Ahmed Al-Farsi


          Running a high-end restaurant in Dubai demands excellence in every ingredient we use. Ceylonlovers has become an integral part of our kitchen, elevating the quality of our dishes. The organic coconut milk and cream have a luxurious texture that enhances the authenticity of our Middle Eastern and fusion cuisines. The coconut oil, with its clean and pure taste, has become our preferred choice for various cooking applications. The Ceylon spices, sourced directly from Sri Lanka, add a burst of flavor that our customers have come to associate with our restaurant. The commitment to organic farming practices aligns perfectly with our values, and the consistency in quality has made Ceylonlovers our trusted supplier. Highly recommended for chefs and restaurants aiming for culinary excellence.