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About Us

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Suneth Chathuranga

Ceylonlovers Founder

Ceylonlovers.com is a leading exporter of premium organic coconut products, spices, and fruit products based in Sri Lanka. With a strong reputation in the global market, Ceylonlovers.com is dedicated to providing high-quality, sustainably sourced products under its trusted brand.

As a well-established company, Ceylonlovers.com offers a diverse range of organic coconut-based products, including coconut oil, coconut milk, and coconut flour. These products are carefully crafted using traditional methods and the finest coconuts, ensuring exceptional taste and nutritional value.

In addition to its coconut line, Ceylonlovers.com takes pride in offering a wide selection of organic spices. From aromatic cinnamon and flavorful cardamom to rich cloves and exotic turmeric, each spice is meticulously sourced and processed to preserve its natural essence and health benefits.

Furthermore, Ceylonlovers.com showcases an array of fruit products that capture the vibrant flavors of Sri Lanka’s tropical paradise. With a focus on freshness and quality, the company exports a variety of delectable fruits, including mangoes, pineapples, and papayas, delivering a taste of pure indulgence to discerning customers worldwide.

Committed to sustainability and ethical practices, Ceylonlovers.com maintains strong relationships with local farmers and suppliers. By prioritizing fair trade and environmentally friendly practices, the company ensures that its products are not only exceptional but also contribute to the well-being of local communities and the planet.

Whether you are a health-conscious consumer, a culinary enthusiast, or a business seeking premium organic products, Ceylonlovers.com is your trusted partner. With a dedication to quality, authenticity, and customer satisfaction, they are your gateway to the finest organic coconut products, spices, and fruit products from the enchanting island of Sri Lanka.