Infused Coconut Milk

Product Description

  • Organic Coconut in blend with organic spices in the land of Ceylon comes to your cuisine with preserved nutritional values.
  • It can be directly cooked with your favourite nutriments without hassle.
  •  Organic coconut milk with mild curry which is 100% organic, vegan and dairy free.


  • Extract coconut milk from organic coconut; adjust fat content with water according to the buyer’s requirement. Then add the spice mixture and homogenize the milk.Finally milk fill into the metal cans, then seamed and commercially sterilized by retorting.

Organoleptic Properties

Appearance : Slight brown color.

Odour            : Sri Lankan traditional cuisine aroma along with hot    

                          and spicy

Taste :            : Sri Lankan traditional cuisine taste along with hot and        


Consistency :  Liquid

Ingredients  : Organic coconut milk extract, water and organic mild    

                         curry powder

Product nutrition details

Nutritional values per 100g

Energy                              –  172 kcal

Total Fat                          –   17g

Saturated Fatty Acids   –   15.4g

Protein                            –   1.23g

Total Carbohydrates    –    3.6g

Total Sugar                    –    1.46g

Sodium                          –     27mg

Dietary Fiber                –      1.4g



Filling Volume

Pack Size

200ml +/- 2%

12 x 200ml

400ml +/-2%

6 or 12 x 400ml

Primary packaging : Tinplate can with inner food grade lacquering

Secondary packaging : Corrugated Carton

Manufacturer’s Notice (with our certificate information, Capacity etc.

Certifications available

GMP,HACCP, ISO 22000, BRC ( Grade – AA ), IFS ( Score – 92.74% ),

Organic ( EU, NOP- USDA, JAS, Naturland ),Halal, Kosher, BSCI,  Fairtrade, Fair TSA

Important Information 

Shelf Life – 24 months

Storage – Cool, clean and dry place at ambient temperature in unopened packaging,once opened stored in refrigerate and use within 3 days.Keep away from direct sunlight.